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European LED lighting products certification of new regulations
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  • IEC 62471: 2006 & EN 62471: 2008 will begin on September 1, 2009 formally implemented, with immediate effect all the LED lights will be added to the standard measure, the transitional period of one year, former IEC / EN60825-1 report can also be used , But since September 1, 2010 will be completely ineffective, there are some foreign customers and domestic suppliers must provide EN62471 test report, in addition to the standard for the new query will strengthen the power of the customs, please related businesses in advance preventive measures, according to the new standard IEC / EN62471 for testing, to avoid unnecessary trouble when shipped.

    A: standard background

    IEC / EN 62471 is intended to assess the relevance of different lamps and lamp systems with optical radiation hazards, and completely replace the IEC / EN60825 standard regarding LED products energy level requirements, increasing the photobioreactor requirements, including radiation intensity, radiation brightness and so on, and based on test data for product hazard classification, including the exemption level, low hazard, medium hazard, high hazard level. In which part of the EU standard EN62471: 2008 2009.09.01 has started, EN60825 section on 2010.09.01 LED will be completely ineffective. IEC / EN60825 mainly on a single wavelength of light energy test calculation. IEC / EN62471 mainly on broad-band light measurement, time, and comprehensive human eye and skin reaction to light, angle, sensitivity and other aspects of computing

    Two: Applicable products

    All lamps and lamp systems other than lasers. (Single wavelength laser is easy to test, due to the influence of ordinary light-emitting body and diffuser lens, auxiliary devices such as optical elements that may be a broadband light source)

    Three: Testing the wavelength range

    The wavelength range of 200nm to 3000nm optical radiation

    Four: the test parameters and object

    Test parameters:

    1. 2. irradiance radiance

    Test object

    1. UV harm the skin and eyes

    2. The near ultraviolet harm the eye (315nm-400nm)

    3. Retinal blue light hazard

    The blue hazard retina (small light)

    5. retinal thermal hazards

    6. retinal thermal hazards (for weak visual stimuli) (780nm-1400nm)

    7. Infrared radiation hazards eye (780nm-3000nm)

    8. skin thermal hazards (380nm-3000nm)

    Most low-cost EN62471 appear on the market at present, and its report is still using the EN60825 standard templates: standard updates directly to EN62471, the standard of the actual content is not updated, please related businesses cautious.

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