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Britain's new technology efficient lighting LED lamp life of up to 60 years
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  • According to the British Daily Mail reported that a revolution in lighting is quietly engaged in traditional light bulbs and energy saving light bulbs will be fierce competition. Currently, the University of Cambridge researchers have developed an inexpensive light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which enables less power can be released from bright light. Its price was only 2 pounds, 60 years of sustainable use.

    While this LED bulb also score small coins, but it is 12 times the luminous efficiency of traditional incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent low-energy light bulbs is three times the. It is different from the current energy-saving light bulbs, after the power is completely illuminated directly. UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council considered the use of new LED bulbs, household lighting energy consumption will be reduced by three-quarters. If you install this light bulb in every home and office, will total annual lighting electricity consumption 20% down to 5%.

    In early January, the British "Daily Mail" reported that, people began to focus on the use of energy saving light bulbs, many shops stop stock traditional 100-watt incandescent bulbs. Thereby causing a lot of consumer panic buying. The British government said the use of energy-saving light bulbs can reduce the release of 5 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

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