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LED and traditional lighting gradually "combined" to end
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  • As the global lighting electricity consumption topped the total annual electricity consumption by 20%, of which up to 90% of the energy is converted into heat energy consumption, it is not cost effective, in environmental protection, energy saving considerations, LED lighting has quickly become a popular concern technology and industry. Governments actively developing environmental laws and regulations in the double benefits market stimulation, the scale of the global LED industry showed rapid growth trend.

    With the rapid development of LED lighting industry in the field of traditional lighting giant hope that by introducing a new source of design lighting products leaving more innovative. Traditional lighting giant introduced new LED light source, to accelerate the formation of a new business model. LED lighting traditional lighting two areas and are gradually combined to accelerate the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very conducive to rapid spread of the use of LED lighting.

    LED lighting advantage is self-evident. High luminous efficiency LED lights, long life, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times the fluorescent, incandescent lamp 13 times. Incandescent luminous efficiency is very low, only 5% of the electrical energy into light, 95% of the electrical energy into heat wasted. Incandescent lamp is relatively better, 20% to 25% of electrical energy into light, but there are also 75% to 80% of the energy is wasted. So from the point of view of energy utilization efficiency of view, these two light use efficiency is very low. Therefore, LED lighting produce obvious benefits. Australia in 2007 introduced the world's first legislation prohibiting the use of incandescent lamps, the EU adopted in March 2009 about the phase-out of incandescent regulations.

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