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Semiconductor lighting market is in urgent need of new energy saving service mode
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  • In order to further promote energy-saving emission reduction efforts to implement, solve the problem of energy saving, China energy-saving service industry development strategy and great ideal energy saving supermarket business model innovation case study "proposal seminar held by the Information Office of the State Council on the morning of January 23, the experts believes that energy-saving service industry to be innovative model.

    This seminar is led by the State Council Development Research Center, experts, composed of national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of construction, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of finance, the national energy board and other nine national ministries of the relevant leaders and experts from research group, and absorb part of the industry association, scientific research units, energy-saving service companies on behalf of participation and brainstorming. These experts are close to the national policy formulation is also familiar with the policy implementation process, is expected to be completed within 4 months of the research work, the formation of a research report, the report will present the energy industry is facing a dilemma and solutions.

    According to reports, along with the continuous introduction of energy-saving emission reduction policies, energy service companies have emerged, according to incomplete statistics, China's only in 2009 so far there are more than 3000 energy saving service companies officially registered. But due to the initial energy service concept of fuzzy, coupled with energy-saving service industry requirements of professional strong, resulting in energy saving service industry fish eye is jumbly, resulting in truly engaged in energy-saving and investment, few enterprises. Therefore, as soon as possible the scientific development strategy, accelerate the improvement of the service level of energy saving service organizations, the promotion of energy saving service industry is essential to the healthy and orderly development.

    Fang Hanting, deputy director of the national science and Technology Department of science and technology funding, said the new energy saving technology is not the size, because the cost is not from a single enterprise or user is not economical, this time need to have a business model or a service oriented enterprise intensive management, and then take a standardized model to provide services.

    As a new energy saving industry, the promotion of semiconductor lighting products is faced with the problem of the initial use of high prices, the market is difficult to promote. EMC model can not only reduce or even increase spending, but also can get the effect of government agencies to take the lead in energy saving, and become one of the market model of many energy saving Service Corporation to explore the practice of. But the EMC model is still facing many difficulties, the success of the case is not much. Semiconductor lighting market driven by the urgent need for new energy saving service mode.

    At the seminar, the national development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute researcher, director of the center for clean development Kang Yanbing said, the relevant departments are studying the five year plan to promote energy-saving services industry related rules, the future will have more policies to promote energy saving service industry.

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