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European energy efficiency labeling for Chinese LED enterprises has brought a huge green business opportunities
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  • The European Union in September 18, 2010 released EC 244/2009 EuP non directional light source instruction execution measures (EC 859/2009) amendment regulations. According to the directive, the EU will gradually ban the use of inefficient light bulbs (traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs), all non directional lamps (light bulbs) must comply with the minimum energy efficiency requirements. Step by step in September 1, 2009, since the beginning of September 1, 2009, the non transparent light bulbs must be a class a class (according to the EU energy efficiency label classification). Transparent light bulb at least up to the energy efficiency label C class category. After 2016, transparent lighting requirements will be upgraded to grade B category. That is to say, unless there is a new technology, otherwise after 2016 sold in the EU market transparent lamp will be left energy efficiency class B low voltage halogen lamps and energy efficiency grade C with G9 or R7S lamp holder of the lamp. At this time, the household lamps will be energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps (if the LED technology is widely spread). In addition, the regulations also rated longevity and luminous flux to maintain rate, scrapped before switching cycle times, morning paper scrap rate, start time, color index and energy efficiency related performance indicators were clearly defined.

    National electric light source quality supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) deputy director Yu Anqi believes that LED is a very good directional light source, while LED can also be used to design a variety of non directional light source or light source, that is, LED can be made into a directional light, can also be made into a non directional light, used to replace the traditional light source. This provision of the EU to a certain extent, the development of the recent LED lighting products in a direction, for the Chinese LED lighting products manufacturers in the European market has created a huge business opportunities. According to the EC Directive 244/2009, Yu Anqi pointed out that led in energy efficiency and the impact of switching, priming time, mercury content of traditional light sources were compared with unparalleled natural advantages, but in the current technology level significantly color, luminous maintain rate and service life also need to work hard. China LED lighting products companies as long as in these areas to take seriously, this is a "green trade barrier" regulations can be a breakthrough, then this law will become China's LED lighting products marketing Europe's green channel". Philips Lighting in the Asia Pacific region solid-state lighting standard director Zong Mingcheng also said that from the current development of LED, all LED lighting lamps and lanterns have reached or more than required by the EU energy efficiency labeling a grade level. China is developing to a certain extent, energy efficiency standards higher than the target set by the EU, so the EU energy efficiency labeling system is not clearly to the Chinese led enterprise caused trade barriers, but to specific companies, or to make the product quality, reduce decay, improve service life and color.

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